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Ozone Generators – ozonators

Professional ozone generators - Korona ozonators - solidity confirmed by numerous references. We are the original producer of Polish ozone generators. We build and sell ozonators based on our own unique technology.

Korona Ozonators – guaranteed reliability and trouble-free operation

Our ozone generator works flawlessly at “Ovopol” for 6 years without a break. Yes! 24 hours a day, for 6 years.

Our ozonators are built on the basis of good engineering practice, expertise and on-site laboratory testing. Thanks to that, we offer proven, fault-free and best-in-class ozone generators on the world market. Ozonator services are performed immediately by qualified technicians. For all our ozone generators and ozone equipment, we provide a minimum of four-year warranty. The most popular on the market of air ozonators – Korona A 20 “Healthy House” and Korona A 40 Standard are provided with a five year guarantee. Our ozonators are based primarily on our own technology and experience supported by scientific knowledge and long-standing industry practice.

The ozone generators presented on the website are not the only ones that we produce. We build ozonators for scientific purposes, for reputable universities. We support research and commission research. Planning science experiments related to ozone research is a standard in our business.

Laboratorium Korona Ozon
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