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"Korona" Laboratory for eighteen years deals with electrochemistry, research on ozone, chemical instrumental analytics, microwave technique and supports scientific studies in these fields. The crowning of part of the research was to develop a corona discharge lamps of our own design for ozone production. There are few companies in the world that produce them and "Korona" Laboratory joined this exclusive group.

Ozone, because of its very strong oxidizing properties (oxidation-reduction potential 2.07 V) is applied in the destruction of bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores, dust mites, oxidizes fluids containing organic compounds and disinfects them (liquids, gases). Ozone also oxidizes dissolved inorganic compounds (semiconductor industry, purification of drinking water).

Company is run by Andrzej Luft, chemistry (University of Technology of Łódź) and biology (Jagiellonian University) graduate. Company`s sole proprietor is Wojciech Luft mathematics graduate (University of Technology of Łódź). In consequence “Korona” Laboratory is a family company. Under our surname “Luft” company has been working constantly (not excluding war periods) since 1881.

Improvement of existing equipment, expanding our assortment, widening of market but also keeping up with science is our duty as a company. We do not forget, of course, about income. Work should give you joy, and it does in our case. We remind you that “Luft” company is one of the eldest companies in Europe operating constantly. We encourage you to acquaint the video material below about history of our company.

Chemical industry is a family tradition for almost 100 years.(see)

We develop and sell ozone generators of our own technology, design and make any (laboratory, pilot-scale and technical) installations for ozonation

"Korona" ozonators have 4 year warranty and are adapted for continuous operation. Failure rate of our equipment does not exceed 1%. Our ozone generators are the best in the world. (kliknij i sprawdź dlaczego). You can check every our ozonator in our laboratory. You can also borrow for free for a few days. Feel free to do so.

Korona Laboratory has no distributors, sales representatives, canvassers. We do not use service of external servicemen. Only company certified for selling our equipment is “CzystyOzon” company ( from Łódź. This company always occurs under its own banner. On Polish and Czech market have been spotted companies ineptly imitating our generator (ozonators, ozone generators, ozonizers). They appear very similarly or even identically but inside… there is Chinese, cheap ceramic plates. Beware of fakes!

References from scientific institutions and industrial plants confirming the quality and efficiency of generators:

New ozonators in our offer:

Korona A 10 „Minimax”

Korona A 10 „Minimax” – 10 g of ozone/h

Korona A10 Minimax ozone generator is an ozonator made for fumigation of car A/C`s and ozonation of volumes up to 100, 40 surfaces, 2.5m tall; powered by 230 V or car lighter socket 12V; device is easy to use, with very good price to efficiency ratio.

Mobile water ozonation system Korona Water 40

Bisectional water ozonation system (disinfection) used in industry, drinking and contaminated water. Maintenance-free, efficient and reliable. Device made on proprietary project and execution adapted for quick and easy installation.

Clients about our ozonators

Chemistry and Toxicology of Food Department uses "Korona" ozone generator Lab 02/10 Polish production, produced by the Civil Engineering Company "Ekotech" with company in Piotrkow Trybunalski. Apparatus is used successfully for scientific purposes, ie. degradation of pesticides in various matrices.

Doctor of Engineering Maciej Balawejder - Biological and Agricultural Department of University of Rzeszów

Used ozone generator works without any failure, it characterizes by parameters specified by the company "Ekotech" and meets our expectations. We recommend this apparatus to all interested for scientific research and for commercial applications.

Doctor Leszek Stobiński - Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

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